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Bearville Network Official Rules

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Bearville Network Official Rules

Post by Link on Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:30 pm

Welcome to Bearville Network! Please read and sign these rules before posting elsewhere. (:

1.) You may create one account, and one only. 
- It's understood that when you register, you may not like your name you chose, and may want to create a new account, but no worries, there's a Name Changing Thread. (:

2.) Advertising is not allowed anywhere on the forum.
-This includes other forums, social sites, ect. If you have a forum of your own, and want to affiliate, please PM me the forum. (Also, be sure to add BN to your affiliates!) (:

3.) Disrespecting the staff is not tolerated. 
- Jokes may be jokes, but they aren't when they go too far. (:

4.) Personal Information such as First Names, State/Country Location, Age and Grade Level are permitted.
- It's understood that you may have some really good friends that you'd love to share your phone number or e-mail to, but you never know who you may really be talking to! (:

4.) Sharing social networking usernames are not allowed. 
- This includes Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, ect. (:

5.) No posting pictures of yourself or of family.
- Photos of pets or items you'd like to share are permitted. (:

6.) Please post in English Only. 
- It'll be hard for some of our members to understand, and we wouldn't want to bring up Google Translate all the time! (:

7.) No profanity or disturbing language.
- We have kids on this forum, and we wouldn't want to expose such talk on this forum. (:

8.) Trade talk- only in the Trading Den.
- Spamming the chat box with talk of trade may disturb some members, and to make sure the trades are fair, trade talk is neither allowed in PM's. (:

9.) Don't post in all CAPS.
- It'll seem as if you're shouting, we wouldn't want that. (:

10.) Posting outside links is prohibited. 
- This includes, YouTube, Facebook, ect. (:

11.) Respect all races, backgrounds, and religions.
- If you have a question about them, you may ask, but insulting them isn't so nice. (:

12.) Do not remove Admin/Mod edits. 
- We edited them for a reason, please do not remove them. (:

13.) Do not post in red, this color is reserved for staff edits. (:

13.) Double Posting is Allowed. Triple Posting isn't.
- It's understandable that people might not see your edit to your previous post, so, therefor, DP'ing is permitted. (:

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