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Bearville Network Chatbox Rules

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Bearville Network Chatbox Rules

Post by Link on Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:33 pm

~Do NOT spam or flood the chat.
For Example:
Person 1: I
Person 1: like
Person 1: food
Person 1: lalalalalala
Person 1: lalalalalalalalalala
Person 1: lalalalalalalalalalalala

~Do NOT make trades in the chat box, you CAN ask if a trade is fair or not.
For example: 
Person 1: Selling furry feet!
Person 2: Oooh, what would you like for them?

This is NOT allowed. All trades must be made in the Trading Den.
~Do NOT write in all capital letters.

~Do NOT write in red, this color are reserved for only staff uses in the chat box and as well as the forum.

~ALWAYS obey staff. They are there to help you, if they advise something, follow it.

~Absolute NO discussion of ANY other forums!

~Do NOT curse in the chat, that leads you to an instant banning from forum.

~Do NOT beg for items. This is a forum, not a place for you to get items for free.

~Do NOT be rude/mean to other members of this forum. We are trying to make this place as friendly as possible.

~No outside links! Have it get an "Okay" by an admin beforehand!

~PLEASE use spoiler for posting pictures! It makes the chat lag/jump, so we suggest spoiler. 
The code for spoiler is:
 [Spoiler] Link here! [/Spoiler]
~Do NOT beg for jobs. You either earn jobs here, or apply for them. 

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