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Bearville Network Trading Den Rules

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Bearville Network Trading Den Rules

Post by Link on Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:37 pm

Going to start up a trading post? Be sure to read and sign these rules! (:

1.) Making offers outside of the Trading Den is not allowed.
- This includes the Chat Box, PM's, or on any topic outside of the Trading Den. 

2.) Be sure to quote who you are talking to/ trading with.
- It's less confusing, that's why there is a quote/multi-quote button at the top of each post. So if you have multiple people to reply to, it's easier. 

3.) One Trading Post per person. 
- It'll be confusing for people, what post do they post on? So, it's better to just have one.

4.) Keep your Trading Post Updated!
- If you traded that top already and you haven't updated it, it will lead people to thinking you still have it, and will offer for it. 

5.) Don't beg for an item.
- That person might be your friend, but I'm sure they're looking for some offers they'd like. 

6.) You may advertise your TP in your signature.
- Advertising in the chat box or anywhere outside of the Trading Den is prohibited.

7.) Don't butt in!
- If a person is trading those shoes, and someone else is currently offering for them, don't butt in and say you have a better offer. Give that person a chance at it! (:

8.) When trading codes, the person with the code always goes first.
- It will make sure you didn't give this person an invalid or fake code. 

9.) If someone does't like your offer, better luck next time. 
- You can move on, it's easy, you're just closer to finding out what you can really trade for that item you want. (:

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